Recipe: Yummy Easy breezy spicy chicken legs

Easy breezy spicy chicken legs. This is just like spicy chicken wings, only less work. Cooks up nicely in the slow cooker! A quick meal that is super easy and oh so yummy!

Easy breezy spicy chicken legs

Quick and easy recipe for delicious spicy chicken drumsticks. Chicken legs are arguably the tastiest part of the chicken. The meat is always tender and juicy and full of flavor. You can cook Easy breezy spicy chicken legs using 6 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Easy breezy spicy chicken legs

  1. Prepare of Chicken legs.
  2. Prepare of Habanero sweet and spicy seasoning.
  3. Prepare of Make it dinner.
  4. You need of Add in the oven some potatoes.
  5. Prepare of Biscuits.
  6. You need of And can veggies of choice (stove top).

For this recipe we're going to use just a few ingredients to make the so savory with just the right amount of spiciness. And with tongs, transfer chicken legs to the butter mixture one by one. Tilt the pan if you need to, and slosh the chicken And now they're ready to roast! After thirty minutes, they should be nice.

Easy breezy spicy chicken legs step by step

  1. Rise off chicken, place in baking dish add seasoning, cook at 365 until done..

In a small bowl, mix oil and spices. Rub chicken legs with spice mixture; arrange on a baking sheet. Add the lemon juice, salt, black pepper, cayenne and garlic, and stir. Rinse and pat the chicken legs dry. With metal tongs, dip them one by one into the butter mixture and place on the prepared baking..

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