Recipe: Tasty Owl cupcakes with Oreos for Halloween

Owl cupcakes with Oreos for Halloween. These owl cupcakes are so cute!!! we decorated them with some Halloween themed sprinkles. For the cupcakes, we used this easy Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes. Cute owl cupcakes with Oreo eyes, these are actually delicious chocolate cupcakes with a rich buttercream frosting.

No Halloween party is complete without a plate of spooky Halloween cupcakes — and we've got all the scary Reese's Owls – Oreo cookies, candy eyes, and peanut butter cups make this a cute candy craft that the kids can help with. Intensely chocolaty and moist Oreo Owl Cupcakes are the cutest way to celebrate a festival like Halloween! Or you could just make 'em this way all the time! You can cook Owl cupcakes with Oreos for Halloween using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Owl cupcakes with Oreos for Halloween

  1. Prepare 6 of prepared cupcakes (I used chocolate).
  2. It’s of Nocilla, nutella or frosting to spread on the cupcakes.
  3. Prepare 10 of oreo cookies.
  4. Prepare 6 of colored M&Ms or candies.
  5. You need of Food color pencil for the eyes (or chocolate chips).

Oreos and Chocolate in a Cupcake can only mean that cupcake is going to be the most popular cupcake in the history of cupcakes. Plus, they're vegan, incredibly chocolatey, and pretty easy to make! Start by coating the chocolate muffins or cupcakes with melted dark chocolate. Then carefully separate the Oreos with a knife and press the halves with the filling onto.

Owl cupcakes with Oreos for Halloween step by step

  1. Make your favorite cupcakes and let cool very well..
  2. Spread the cupcakes with frosting of your choice. The nutella, nocilla or frosting should be cold so the cookies will stick..
  3. Carefully pull apart 10 Oreos so you get one half with the white cream and one half without so it’s black..
  4. Put two Oreo halves with the white cream on each cupcake for the eyes. Cut the black Oreos halves in half, and place it on the white cream eyes to make eye brows..
  5. Cut the candies or M&Ms in half if needed and put between the eyes to form the nose/beak..
  6. Lastly, place chocolate chips on the white cream eyes for the pupils or use the food color pastry pencil like in the photo..

These owl cupcakes are great for school parties and easy enough even for the pre-school set. My daughter and her friend had so much fun making them after school How To Make Halloween Owl Cupcakes. Separate the Oreos and press the halves with the filling onto the frosting to make the eyes. Owl Cupcakes Recipe – Guide to make Owl Cupcakes Recipe with Oreo. We provide free Recipe Guide for all –

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